Let the creativity caress your soul.
Be curious and enjoy every moment.
Art is a personal experience.
I invite you to explore.

Creativity is my life. I feel like I have been an artist all my life. Colours, form, shape, textures and ideas is something that is as natural to me as breathing. I see, feel and experience life in images. The moments I am drawing or painting – life is absolute. There is no time, only creativity and curiosity. Art is my passion and I am grateful to share my art with you.

Co-founder of
  • "Co-creating a platform to empower creative sisterhood and seed change. Nurturing feminine artists, encouraging her to express and share her truth and creative gifts, while together we support causes that will sustain women, children and planet. "

My thoughts, exactly

What inspires me – may inspire you. My struggles – may be similar to yours. Ideas, worries, thoughts and inspirations become clearer when they are shared. So I choose to go beyond my fears and share my honest, personal, creative experiences. Thank you for visiting my page. Love Siv.